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Quality, a guarantee for life.

Our items are made exclusively of vegetable tanned Tuscan cowhide leather.

Tuscan cowhide is a fine leather, worked with the ancient technique of vegetable tanning, a slow and sophisticated procedure, which makes use of tannin, a 100% natural substance extracted from the bark of some plants, such as quebracho, chestnut, oak, the mimosa, therefore totally free of chemical and harmful substances.

This lengthy process, skilfully carried out by some historic tanneries, according to procedures mostly carried out by hand now as in the past, makes the leather even more precious and unequaled in quality, robustness and value.

Natural tanning makes the leather soft, extremely resistant to wear, natural and hypoallergenic and gives it an unmistakable perfume. Color variations, surface irregularities and wrinkles are evidence of the high quality and naturalness of the leather.

Vegetable tanning gives leather a unique characteristic, that of changing over time, thanks to the reaction between natural tanning substances and sunlight.

Over the years, therefore, the leather changes and becomes personalized according to the use made of it, acquiring greater beauty and splendor, aging with style and dignity.

Each creation will tell about us and our experience, it will become a testimony and a reminder of our history.

A beautiful thing is a joy forever (John Keats)

Handcrafted production requires dedication, patience, attention. This is why we have chosen to prioritize the quality of the creations rather than urgency.

The meticulous study of the details and the precision in the various stages of manufacturing take time. We are far from mass production, from standardized items deriving from the dictates of current fashion.

We choose to offer models that last over time, which do not age due to passing trends, but which resist and are enhanced over the years, like the quality of our leather.

Our creations are made to order, to allow the customer to select the customizations available and choose according to their preferences.

Don't give up on the best.

A prestigious internationally recognized brand, Made in Italy is a guarantee of authenticity and has always stood out for its superior quality, elegance, style and refinement, unmistakable characteristics of Italian production admired all over the world.

Unfortunately, globalization favors the diffusion of products without identity, industrially made on a large scale, often to the detriment of the high level of quality typical of Made in Italy.

Some regulations also allow the Made in Italy brand to be affixed on condition that only two phases of the entire production are carried out in Italy.

Consequently, many products are mainly made abroad, although offered as an Italian product, thus penalizing our manufacturing tradition.

All Silwart creations are entirely made in our Bergamo workshop, as a guarantee of the product's high quality and authenticity.

The raw materials used also originate in Italy and are carefully selected in compliance with quality, health and environmental protection and eco-sustainability standards

Friends for life.

We are convinced that a small gesture by everyone can lead to a great result.

Silwart has chosen to respect Nature and the Environment, selecting natural materials, originating from a short and certified supply chain, purchasing from suppliers who respect the code of ethics, sustainability and circularity in their production phases.

With a view to safeguarding the ecosystem, the concept of recovery-recycling-reuse is fundamental and in antithesis with the modern idea of ​​disposable.

Silwart thus chooses leather, a waste from the food chain, coming from selected European farms and respectful of animal welfare, to make its creations.

The off-cuts we create from making large items are reused to make small products, minimizing scrap, hence waste.

This is our commitment to protect our earth, its resources and safeguard our health.

Ours is a difficult choice: the craftsmanship that characterizes the tanning and processing phases, the very high quality of the raw materials and the time necessary to create the product entirely by hand, affect the final price. However, we are convinced that buying better is a form of saving over time.

Preferring quality over quantity and selecting a lasting and natural product always pays off for the choice made and favors greater use of the product, which will accompany us for decades, transcending time and styles.

This has always been our choice of life and we hope to be able to share it with you.

100% natural

We only select vegetable tanned leather from the best Tuscan tanneries

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