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A matter of skin.

Silwart was born from the desire to find a break from the incessant rhythms that often prevent us from experiencing ourselves, those around us and what surrounds us.

A manual work that necessarily requires time and patience, a lot of reflection and spirit of observation.

An artisan profession because it stands out for the uniqueness of its creations and requires a passion that comes from within, inspires and overwhelms you, makes you feel alive.

Leather because I've always loved its scent and strength. It is a wonderful material, resistant and delicate, which recalls ancient traditions, myths and tales. It reminds me of saddles, harnesses, the scent of horses, their free and wild spirit.

The idea comes from the union of Silvia, me, and Ulwarth, my inseparable friend of a thousand adventures. From him I learned to look far, to be patient, to persevere, to resist, to seek out and rediscover the beauties of Nature.

Attentive to the smallest details and a great observer, Ulwarth is my safety and quality control manager, nothing escapes his five senses!

Together we are a mixture of restless humanity and wild instinct, rediscovering an ancient craft, in harmony with the nature that surrounds us, the primary source of all great inspiration and of our very essence.

Leather, emblem of timeless tradition.

In an era where everything runs frenetically, Silwart chooses a return to the past, rediscovering one of the ancient trades, the craftsmanship of leather, to offer the uniqueness and value of fine creations, entirely handmade.

Inspired by the desire to experiment with an ancient art with originality, the hands create new shapes from leather, a noble material, rich in history and tradition, intoxicating perfume, in wonder in its natural properties.

From the millenary tradition of leather, an evolution of the concept of leather goods, which combines exclusivity and innovation, giving life to unique creations, with particular attention to the ecosystem, thanks to the choice of exclusively vegetable-tanned Tuscan cowhide.

Leather not only because it is useful, but because it is durable, timeless and satisfies our pleasure for beauty, becoming a lifestyle, even turning into an art form.

Uniqueness takes time.

Silwart creations are designed and made in our Bergamo workshop according to the ancient artisan tradition.

Each model is designed by hand after a careful study of the harmony of the proportions, of the functionality of the use, of the purpose for which it is intended.

The attention to detail, the choice of high quality materials, the accuracy in the realization are the foundation of our work.

Each stage of manufacturing is entirely handmade.

100% natural

We only select vegetable tanned leather from the best Tuscan tanneries

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