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How a Silwart creation is born

Each Silwart creation arises from needs related to daily and working life and is inspired by the environment that surrounds us.

An idea that materializes and takes shape after hours, sometimes after days of laborious reflection and research.

There are many details to consider to create an article and even more when you start planning and drawing. Our models are not designed with computer software, but drawn in pencil and team. Each component is defined down to the smallest detail and designed with millimeter precision.

We start with the design of the article, to define the idea of ​​the shape, the aesthetics, the dimensions, the components, their positions and proportions, the internal lining with relative details and finishes.

Even the lining must be studied and designed, positioning the inside pocket and any other components needed to fix the lining to the leather bag.
The most suitable type of leather is then selected for the realization of the project, defining the thickness to be used and the hand, soft, rigid, semi-rigid.

The preliminary design follows, both of the whole and of each single component, even the smallest, marking the holes, the seams, the connections, the correspondences, the centering. Everything must necessarily be perfect in order to have an exact coincidence of the different parts.

The prototype is then created, i.e. the actual article, to verify the result of what has been conceived. The prototype almost always requires corrections to optimize the result. Sometimes it shortens, sometimes it lengthens, the proportions are corrected, perhaps just by a centimetre, the handles are moved further up or down, the shapes that go from being angular to curved, an unconvincing closure that needs to be re-invented , all to make the whole more harmonious, in search of perfection.

If the changes are important, the model is redesigned and a new correct prototype is created, if the changes are minor, the design is corrected, the definitive pattern is created and the sample is created.

If the sample meets our expectations exactly, we can start making the product for the customer.

How many stages of preparation and study hidden behind the packaging of a handmade leather creation!

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We only select vegetable tanned leather from the best Tuscan tanneries

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